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Announcing Protect: Searchable Encryption for any Database

Lindsay Holmwood

Now you can add the powerful searchable encryption technology behind CipherStash to your existing database. We call this CipherStash Protect.

Data is one of most important assests to any organisation but as recent data-breaches show, mismanaged data presents an existential threat. For teams to be productive, data must be copied, shared, and analyzed, often in many different tools and systems and by many people. This makes protecting it extremely difficult.

Searchable Encryption provides a compelling solution. Data remains encrypted at all times but remains searchable by authorized users. Searchable encryption makes data access deny-by-default, no matter where it is stored, virtually eliminating accidental data breaches due to misconfigured access controls.

CipherStash Protect enables Searchable Encryption wherever sensitive data is stored, keeping it safe and secure without affecting productivity.

No extensions. No plugins. No additional lookup services.

Protect works with your existing database. No extensions, plugins, or additional lookup services required. Popular relational databases like PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, Azure Database, and Google Cloud SQL are all supported. Devops and data-science teams can continue to use the SQL tools they know and love.

Protect also works inside your data warehouses and lakes, with tools like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Azure Data Lake. And because sensitive data often ends up in spreadsheets, we are also working on bringing searchable, auditable encryption to Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Applications built in JavaScript, Ruby, or Rust, work transparently with any Protect enabled database via our client SDKs. Integrations for Golang, Java, and C# are coming soon.

Log every access.

With Protect, when any data record is accessed, that access is logged, along with the details of what was accessed and by who. This gives you unprecedented insight into how data is being used across your organisation.

Now, not only is your data protected but any inappropriate accesses can be immediately identified and locked down.

CipherStash QX

The original CipherStash database lives on under a new name, CipherStash QX. QX stands for Queryable Encryption, and if you can't find the X in Encryption, it's because it's encrypted.

CipherStash QX is perfect for new projects or specialised workloads like Cloudflare Workers and serverless applications, as well as apps with very high data safety requirements like snapshot security.

Ready to protect your data?

To get started with Protect, you can book a demo here. Our solutions team can't wait to help.

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