About CipherStash

Our goal is to make the ultimate data-security simple for developers, while maintaining functionality.

What drives CipherStash?

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the world's data.

Our story

Like so many in the tech industry, CipherStash founder, Dan Draper grew tired of hearing about data-breach after data-breach in the news and developed an interest in searchable encryption technology. After taking Professor Dan Boneh's Stanford Cryptography course, Dan spent the next 3 years researching how to apply searchable encryption techniques to practical databases and search indexes. The result is an entirely new way of storing data that no longer trades security for utility.

Meet our team

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Our advisors

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Part of something bigger

CipherStash is committed to social and environmental good.

CipherStash partners with Trace to reduce and offset emissions
CipherStash sponsors the Encrypt(Syd) meetup, where academics and industry professionals discuss cryptography research and applications.

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