Enhance database
security in minutes.

Tandem enhances your existing database with Encryption-in-Use, monitoring and fine-grained access control. Protect your data without changing your applications.

Introducing Tandem.

Tandem is a data protection gateway built for SQL databases containing sensitive data.

Technology Preview
Diagram comparing an application's database connection without and with Tandem. On the left, data is shown as plain text and mentions potential data leaks. On the right, with Tandem, data is encrypted and secured, indicating protection from untrusted or compromised clients.

Without Tandem

Traditionally, databases expose data in plain text, risking leaks due to compromised credentials.

ETL and replication processes must be given full access to the database, further risking data.

Diagram comparing an application's database connection without and with Tandem. On the left, data is shown as plain text and mentions potential data leaks. On the right, with Tandem, data is encrypted and secured, indicating protection from untrusted or compromised clients.

With Tandem

With Tandem, an encryption layer protects data. Even with compromised credentials, Tandem secures data, enhancing system security.

Encryption-in-Use and fine-grained identity and access control deepen your data's defences, significantly reducing the chances of a breach.

Works in tandem with your existing stack.

Your infrastructure

Tandem runs privately in your own cloud or on-premise environment. Your data never leaves your systems.

No code required

No changes required to existing apps, integrations, or data analysis workflows. It's truly plug-and-play.

Precision access control

Sensitive access must be via Tandem, enabling fine-grained identity and access control policies down to the database row level.

Automatic secrets rotation

Tandem automatically rotates database credentials on a regular basis, reducing the risk of credential theft.

Pipelined and multithreaded

Written in Rust, Tandem is fast and efficient, and can handle thousands of concurrent connections.

Data integrity protection

Tandem has built in data integrity protection using cryptographic tags which verify that data has not been modified.

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CipherStash Platform

Designed for today's threat landscape.

The CipherStash platform incorporates several groundbreaking products that work together to protect your data.


Key management ready for a zero trust future.

Fast and secure, ZeroKMS is the CipherStash key management system, bringing the protection of zero trust to complex data environments where decryption isn’t just done on the server but in the app, in the browser or on the desktop. Designed so that neither the client nor the server needs to be fully trusted, ZeroKMS nullifies the security risks present in traditional trust-based key management.


Encryption-in-Use for any database or warehouse. No code required.

Tech Preview

A high-performance searchable encryption proxy that truly works out of the box, requiring no changes to your apps, codebase or data analysis workflows. Ready for deployment at scale with full PostgreSQL support and beta support for SQL Server.


Data governance dashboard for your entire data estate.

Coming soon

Give your administrators and analysts total visibility and control over the who, what and when of your data. Command brings together auditing, policy management, anomaly detection, alerting and logging, allowing you to gain critical data governance insights.

The CipherStash Data Governance Framework.

A four step approach to data loss prevention in today's complex threat landscape.

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Frequently asked questions.

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Does Tandem only support PostgreSQL?

For now, yes though we have several more integrations in the works including AWS Redshift, Microsoft SQL and Google BigQuery.

How does Encyption-in-Use prevent data-breaches?

Encryption-in-Use hides data until an authorized user needs to access it, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. CipherStash's unique key for every field in every record allows for precise permission control, and the key server logs every access for auditing and quick issue resolution.

Does it work with cloud-managed PostgreSQL?

Yes! PostreSQL hosted in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are all supported. In fact, any PostgreSQL database later than 14.0 will work.

Does the database decrypt data to run queries?

Never. CipherStash uses searchable encryption which means that both data and queries are encrypted in the client before reaching the database. Results are returned by using a fast cryptographic compare function on the server which never sees the data.

Doesn't TLS already protect the data?

TLS protects against network interceptions but not against database breaches. If the database credentials are compromised, TLS doesn't provide any protection. Another way you can think of Encryption-in-Use is like 2FA for your database!

Will our ETL tools still work?

Yes, standard clients and database tools can still connect as normal. Now, however, you can prevent them from accessing sensitive data. For example, nightly sync processes can transfer encrypted data between databases without ever decrypting it.

How does Tandem compare to Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)?

TDE protects data at rest, but not when it is in use. Tandem protects data at rest, in use and in transit. TDE also requires the database to decrypt the data before it can be used, which means that the database must be trusted. Tandem does not require the database to be trusted, and the database never sees the data in plain text.

How does Tandem compare to Always Encrypted?

Always Encrypted is a feature of Microsoft SQL Server which encrypts data in the client before sending it to the database. Unlike Always Encrypted, Tandem uses Searchable Encryption which allows the database to perform queries on the encrypted data without ever decrypting it. Tandem can also be used with any database, not just Microsoft SQL Server.

How do I run Tandem in my environment?

Tandem is a containerized application which can be deployed in any Kubernetes environment. We also provide a Helm chart for easy deployment. Tandem can also be deployed in a virtual machine or bare metal environment.