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It shouldn't be hard to
secure your data

Increase the security, reliability and performance of your database with a single tool.

>_ Terminal

docker run -p 6432:6432 \
 -e CS_DATABASE__NAME=postgres \

Works wherever you run Postgres

If you could massively improve data security in under an hour, wouldn't you?

Proxy is free to use, and you can add modules as you need them.

Easy to deploy

Deploy the CipherStash Proxy Docker container, and connect to your existing database.

Maintain functionality

CipherStash Proxy uses the PostgreSQL wire protocol, so your applications and clients don't need to change.

Advanced proxy for your database

Built on an open-source core, CipherStash Proxy supports client authentication via OAuth2, load balancing, sharding, and connection pooling.

Query and data access auditing

Log every query and statement, and every sensitive data access. Configure which columns and tables to audit to meet your compliance requirements.

Modern authentication and access control

Use OpenID to authenticate clients, and federate identity from applications. Record exactly who accessed the database and what they did.

Searchable encryption in-use

The data stays encrypted even when in use. Choose what tables and columns to encrypt without affecting functionality or performance.

Security and visibility. À la carte.

CipherStash is a suite of tools that can be used together or independently to secure and audit your data.

Detailed yet storage efficient data-access events record the row ID and column name of every query result. Integrate these events with your existing log management tools or ship them to CipherStash for analysis.

>_ psql

$ SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 3; 

StatementCompleteLog { id: 99c10cf0-9985-43a9-8b5b-bc62654c0c3e, workspace_id: "local", statement_id: 2d0c1952-fa4e-4f03-93eb-9784eb36c495, statement_duration_ms: 43, statement_error: None, rows_returned_count: 3 } 

DataAccessLog { id: 2be2e5f7-0a75-4ae4-b1f0-c49b7ba2817b, workspace_id: "local", statement_id: 2d0c1952-fa4e-4f03-93eb-9784eb36c495, rows_accessed: {"users": {"1", "2", "4"}}, columns_accessed: [[""], [""], [""]] }

Make sure your customer's data is secure and reduce the risk of insider threats.

Built to be fast, secure, and reliable. CipherStash Proxy goes beyond traditional data security tools.

Get value in minutes

CipherStash Proxy is free to use, and outputs data access events to your existing logging infrastructure.

Ship logs to CipherStash

Enable Audit to ship logs to CipherStash for advanced analysis and alerting.

It's not homomorphic encryption

Our searchable encryption is fast, secure, and compatible with your existing database.

Don't sacrifice performance
59,000 transactions/sec
Written in pure Rust
Session and transaction pooling
Built for resilience
Advanced load balancing
Automatic failover
TLS 1.3 support
Multi-region support

Watch the demo

Head of Solutions, CJ Brewer demonstrates CipherStash Proxy in action.

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What people are saying

Our approach to data security is resonating with developers and security professionals alike.

"If you store PII and tell me it's safe cause you encrypt data at rest, and in transit, you're wrong. If your app or DB is compromised your reputation is in the 🗑. @cipherstash - an end-to-end secure, searchable, performant database. Their infra, your keys. Get on it."

Matt Allen
CEO at Tractor Ventures

"Had a great chat this arvo with @danieldraper about @cipherstash. If I was founding something new today I'd be super duper likely to use this to replace my 'user.[rb|ts]' I love how it gives you a PII vault but with flexibility around querying."

John Barton
CTO at Amber Electric

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