Never worry about data-breaches again.
CipherStash keeps data in your app, database or warehouse safe with searchable encryption.

App screenshot, data page - showing graph a of encryption operations

The Data Governance Formula

Data doesn't have to be locked away to stay safe.
CipherStash keeps data protected without affecting productivity.


Gain Visibility

Assess data for risk.
Monitor access.


Limit Access

Protect data with


Protect Everywhere

Make data available
on a needs-to-know basis.


Sensitive data audit and consultation.

For executive and security teams.

Understand your risk.

Before you can protect sensitive data, you need to know what data you have, where it is stored and who can access it.

Teams need access to data to do their job but ensuring data is available on a needs-to-know basis starts with understanding the risk.

App screenshot, data page - showing graph a of encryption operations

Not sure where to get started?

Our solutions team can help.


Searchable encryption platform.

For developers and product teams.

Apply Searchable Encryption.

Sensitive data is often stored in multiple systems which can make access hard to lock down.

But when encrypted with searchable encryption, data access is deny-by-default, making data-protection simpler and more reliable.

Protect data in your Application,
Database or ...anywhere!

CipherStash is designed to work wherever you store sensitive data.
Protect what's sensitive with minimal effort.

App screenshot, data page - showing graph a of encryption operations

Language integrations

Encrypt, Decrypt & Query in your language or framework — with zero code changes.

App screenshot, data page - showing graph a of encryption operations

Databases integrations

Add searchable encryption to your existing database — no extensions or plugins required.


Policy manager and reporting dashboard.

For data and security teams.

Log every decryption.

Protect keeps data safe by encrypting it. Govern controls who can decrypt data and records when they do so.

App screenshot, data page - showing graph a of encryption operations

Know who has access to your data

See exactly which records were accessed, by who and from where.

Advanced Policies

Apply decryption policies based on role, data-type and time-of-day.

Stop breaches in their tracks

Abnormal activity detection stops breaches before they even happen.

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FROM users
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AND dob > '1999-01-01'

From C-Suite to C#

Effective data-security must work across the organisation - from the CEO to developers.

CipherStash makes things easy for devs, while building management confidence.

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This is what people are saying about CipherStash:

Had a great chat this arvo with @danieldraper about @cipherstash

If I was founding something new today I'd be super duper likely to use this to replace my "user.[rb|ts]"

I love how it gives you a PII vault but with flexibility around querying.

Twitter profile picture of John Barton
John Barton
CTO, Amber Electric

I am still on a high after talking with @danieldraper and @auxesis yesterday. The stuff they are building at @cipherstash is incredible.

Making it trivial to do field level encryption in any DB is one thing. But making it still possible to do a full text search is quite another

Twitter profile picture of Erwin van der Koogh
Erwin van der Koogh
Founder, Linc

If you store PII and tell me it's safe cause you encrypt data at rest, and in transit, you're wrong. If your app or DB is compromised your reputation is in the 🗑.

@cipherstash - an end-to-end secure, searchable, performant database.

Their infra, your keys. Get on it.

Twitter profile picture of Matt Allen
Matt Allen
CEO, Tractor Ventures

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