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Built for developers

1. Define

Tell CipherStash how you want
to query your data.

2. Import

Import data into CipherStash
using stash import.

3. Query

Query a collection using
the StashJS query API.

  "name": "movies",
  "type": {
    "title": "string",
    "runningTime": "float64",
    "year": "float64"
  "indices": {
    "exactTitle": { "kind": "exact", "field": "title" },
    "runningTime": { "kind": "range", "field": "runningTime" },
    "year": { "kind": "range", "field": "year" },
    "title": {
      "kind": "fullText",
      "fields": ["title"],
      "tokenFilters": [
        { "kind": "downcase" },
        { "kind": "ngram", "tokenLength": 3 }
      "tokenizer": { "kind": "standard" }

Create, import, and query encrypted sensitive data easily.

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Query millions of encrypted records
in under 100ms

Query performance within 20% of traditional RDBMS like PostgreSQL.

CipherStash is data encryption that won’t slow you down.

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Use the same data in dev and prod

Use snapshots of production data safely for local dev.

Keep your sensitive data encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use.

We've done the hard work
to make searchable encryption easy.

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Private spaces to
get you into production

Our managed private spaces give you the control over your data without the hassle. We take care of the hard stuff but never see any of your data.

BYO encryption keys

We make it easy to use your own keys with Amazon's Key Management Service.

VPC Peering

Access CipherStash directly inside your own Virtual Private Network.

High Availability

Multi-region support and replication.

Advanced backups

Flexible backup and restore to meet your Service Level Objectives.

Usage based pricing that scales with you

Your first 2,500 records stored in CipherStash are free.

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