Protect data.
Not just systems.

Apply access control directly to your data with encryption-in-use that works everywhere,
from SQL to Spreadsheet.

Global data-breaches in 20231
Records breached
Due to insiders
Cost to business
De-risk, protect, and control your data landscape. Icon

De-risk, protect, and control your data landscape.

Traditional access controls are inconsistent. A single weak link can result in a data breach.
With Cipherstash data is always protected with universal encryption and access control.


Safeguard data with searchable encryption

Cipherstash is not encryption just at-rest or in-transit, it's end-to-end, searchable, traceable encryption-in-use.


Protect data with precision access control

Eliminate weak links with precise, consistent, and universally applicable access control and encryption that binds to your data across systems.


Authorize and record every data action

Identity-based authorisation checks for every data access attempt ensuring granular control, accurate auditing, and maximum visibility.


Respond to data access anomalies

Monitor data access to uncover anomalies. Alert and react to stop potential data breaches.

CipherStash Platform

Designed for today's threat landscape.

The CipherStash platform incorporates several groundbreaking products that work together to protect your data.


Key management ready for a zero trust future.

Fast and secure, ZeroKMS is the CipherStash key management system, bringing the protection of zero trust to complex data environments where decryption isn’t just done on the server but in the app, in the browser or on the desktop. Designed so that neither the client nor the server needs to be fully trusted, ZeroKMS nullifies the security risks present in traditional trust-based key management.


Encryption-in-Use for any database or warehouse. No code required.

Tech Preview

A high-performance searchable encryption proxy that truly works out of the box, requiring no changes to your apps, codebase or data analysis workflows. Ready for deployment at scale with full PostgreSQL support and beta support for SQL Server.


Data governance dashboard for your entire data estate.

Coming soon

Give your administrators and analysts total visibility and control over the who, what and when of your data. Command brings together auditing, policy management, anomaly detection, alerting and logging, allowing you to gain critical data governance insights.

The CipherStash Data Governance Framework.

A four step approach to data loss prevention in today's complex threat landscape.

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Built for any organization with data protection responsibilites.

HealthTech and Digital Health

Meet stringent data safety standards and enhance HIPAA compliance without slowing down engineering and data science teams.

Banking and Financial Services

CipherStash is deployable on-prem to support banking and financial services organisations with data protection, access control, auditing, and regulatory compliance.

Marketing and eCommerce

Your customers' data is your business. CipherStash gives your customers the ultimate reassurance that their marketing and transactional data is kept safe throughout its entire lifecycle.

Loved by businesses worldwide.

This is what people are saying about CipherStash.

    • Had a great chat this arvo with @danieldraper about @cipherstash. If I was founding something new today I'd be super duper likely to use this to replace my "user.[rb|ts]" I love how it gives you a PII vault but with flexibility around querying.

      John Barton
      CTO at Amber Electric
    • If you store PII and tell me it's safe cause you encrypt data at rest, and in transit, you're wrong. If your app or DB is compromised your reputation is in the 🗑. @cipherstash - an end-to-end secure, searchable, performant database. Their infra, your keys. Get on it.

      Matt Allen
      CEO at Tractor Ventures
    • I am still on a high after talking with @danieldraper and @auxesis yesterday. The stuff they are building at @cipherstash is incredible. Making it trivial to do field level encryption in any DB is one thing. But making it still possible to do a full text search is quite another

      Erwin van der Koogh
      Founder of Linc

Frequently asked questions.

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team and someone will get back to you shortly.

Does CipherStash only support PostgreSQL?

For now, yes though we have several more integrations in the works including AWS Redshift, Microsoft SQL and Google BigQuery.

How does Encyption-in-Use prevent data-breaches?

Encryption-in-Use hides data until an authorized user needs to access it, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. CipherStash's unique key for every field in every record allows for precise permission control, and the key server logs every access for auditing and quick issue resolution.

Does it work with cloud-managed PostgreSQL?

Yes! PostreSQL hosted in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are all supported. In fact, any PostgreSQL database later than 14.0 will work.

Does the database decrypt data to run queries?

Never. CipherStash uses searchable encryption which means that both data and queries are encrypted in the client before reaching the database. Results are returned by using a fast cryptographic compare function on the server which never sees the data.

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