Searchable encryption and zero trust key management

Use CipherStash to encrypt your data at a record level. Protecting data is hard, we strive to make it easy.

- path: patients
- name: full_name
cast_type: utf8-str
mode: encrypted


CipherStash Documentation

With CipherStash you will be able to encrypt each individual record in your database with a unique data key. The ciphertext is searchable, allowing you to query your encrypted data without decrypting it or sacrificing performance. This is called encryption-in-use.

All decryptions are authorized and logged, giving you a cryptographically-proven audit trail of all access to sensitive data.


Most useful articles to get you familiar with our concepts and how to begin protecting your data.

Getting started

Step-by-step guide to setting up your system and running the example app.

Searchable encryption

Learn how we achieve encryption-in-use with the Tandem product.

Key management

Learn about our Zero Trust key management product, ZeroKMS.


Install the CipherStash CLI to manage your workspaces.

Getting help

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