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Fully managed PostgreSQL data protection

Tandem is a proxy that sits between your database and your applications. Not only does Tandem protect data with searchable encryption and granular access control, it pools and shares database connections improving efficiency, scalability, and provides enhanced visibility.

What is hosted Tandem?

  • Database wire-protocol compatible - No database, query or client applications changes.
  • Managed operations - Hosted Tandem is essentially a SaaS product that we will host for you. You will be provided with a connection URL that you can use in your applications.
  • Geo location preferences - We will deploy the Tandem proxy in the region(s) of your choice.

What's going to happen next?

  1. We will contact you - We are using to host Tandem and will provide you with a custom domain for your applications database connections.
  2. Provide database connection details - In order to activate Tandem we need the connection details of your database, or we can create a Supabase instance for you to use.
  3. Discuss encryption strategy - We want to show you the benefits of searchable encryption.