CipherStash Proxy Prometheus Preferences


Promethues metrics are available on Port 9930 when enabled:

2# Enable
3prometheus_metrics = true
5# Optionally configure the port
6prometheus_port = 9932

Audit Metrics

cs_data_access_eventsNumber of data access eventsCounter
cs_rows_accessedNumber of rows_accessedCounter
cs_columns_accessedNumber of columns_accessedCounter
cs_statement_errorsNumber of statement errorsCounter
cs_statement_duration_msDuration of statment executionHistogram
cs_rows_returned_countTotal count of rows returnedCounter
cs_rows_updated_countTotal count of rows updatedCounter

Encryption Metrics

cs_encryption_duration_secondsDuration of encryption operationsHistogram
cs_decryption_duration_secondsDuration of decryption operationsHistogram
cs_encryptionsNumber of encryption opsCounter
cs_encryption_errorsNumber of encryption errorsCounter
cs_decryptionsNumber of decryption opsCounter
cs_decryption_errorsNumber of decryption errorsCounter
cs_unmappable_queriesNumber of unmappable queriesCounter

Proxy Metrics

stats_total_query_countNumber of queries sent by all clientsCounter
stats_total_query_timeTotal time for queries to executeCounter
stats_total_receivedNumber of bytes received from the serverCounter
stats_total_sentNumber of bytes sent to the serverCounter
stats_total_xact_countTotal number of transactions started by the clientCounter
stats_total_xact_timeTotal amount of time for all transactions to executeCounter
stats_total_wait_timeTotal client wait time for a server connectionCounter
stats_avg_query_countAverage of total_query_count every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_query_timeAverage time taken for queries to execute every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_recvAverage of total_received bytes every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_sentAverage of total_sent bytes every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_errorsAverage number of errors every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_xact_countAverage of total_xact_count every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_xact_timeAverage of total_xact_time every 15 secondsGauge
stats_avg_wait_timeAverage of total_wait_time every 15 secondsGauge
pools_maxwait_usClient max wait time for connection in microsecondsGauge
pools_maxwaitClient max wait time for connection in secondsGauge
pools_cl_waitingHow many clients are waiting for a connection from the poolGauge
pools_cl_activeHow many clients are actively communicating with a serverGauge
pools_cl_idleHow many clients are idleGauge
pools_sv_idleHow many server connections are idleGauge
pools_sv_activeHow many server connections have an active clientGauge
pools_sv_loginHow many server connections are currently being createdGauge
pools_sv_testedHow many server connections waiting on a health checkGauge
servers_bytes_receivedNumber of bytes of network traffic received by serverGauge
servers_bytes_sentNumber of bytes of network traffic sent by serverGauge
servers_transaction_countNumber of transactions executed by serverGauge
servers_query_countNumber of queries executed by serverGauge
servers_error_countNumber of errorsGauge
databases_pool_sizeMaximum number of server connectionsGauge
databases_current_connectionsCurrent number of connections for this databaseGauge