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Deleting an access key

Access keys are used to authenticate machine users with the CipherStash API. If you need to remove an access for a machine user you can delete the access key.

Deleting an access key

You can delete an access key using the Dashboard or using CipherStash CLI.

Note that deleting an access key will result in any machine using that key losing access to CipherStash.

Using the Dashboard

Log in to the CipherStash Dashboard.

  1. Click on Manage Workspace next to the workspace you want to create an access key for.

  2. In the navigation bar click on Settings.

  3. In the Access Keys section click the delete icon next to the access key.

  4. Click the green tick to confirm deletion.

Using CipherStash CLI

To delete an access key, you'll need to provide the name of the key and the workspace ID. The workspace ID is the ID of the workspace the access key is associated to.

You can list all access keys for the workspace you are currently logged in to by running:

1stash access-keys

To delete an access key:

1stash access-keys revoke --workspace-id $CS_WORKSPACE_ID cipherstash-proxy-tutorial

Login if required

If you are unable to modify the provider or encounter an authentication error (403 Forbidden) - you may need to login:

1stash login

Login opens your browser - follow the prompts to authenticate.

Using with CipherStash Proxy

CipherStash Proxy uses an access key as a machine-to-machine authentication method with CipherStash Cloud to pull down a dataset configuration. CipherStash Proxy will ingest the access key as an environment variable. The access key is only one of the environment variables that CipherStash Proxy needs to authenticate with CipherStash Cloud.

Asking for help

We highly recommend setting up a call with one of our Solutions Engineers to help you get started. We're happy to help!

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