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How do I create an access key?

Access keys are used to authenticate with the CipherStash API. We will use an access key to authenticate with the CipherStash API when we deploy Tandem. This enables us to deploy Tandem as a machine user.

Creating an access key

When you create an access key you will need to provide a name and a workspace ID. The workspace ID is the ID of the workspace you want to associate this access key with. An access key belongs to a single workspace, but a workspace can have multiple access keys.

You will need the CipherStash CLI installed to create an access key. If you don't have the CLI installed, please follow the installation guide.

1stash access-keys create --workspace-id $CS_WORKSPACE_ID tandem-tutorial

This will generate an access key and display the access key for programmatic access. Make sure you copy the access key and save it for deployment.

Use with Tandem

Tandem uses an access key as a machine to machine authentication method with the CipherStash cloud to pull down a dataset configuration. Tandem will ingest the access key as an environment variable. The access key is only one of the environment variables that Tandem needs to authenticate with the CipherStash cloud. You will also need to provide the client ID and client key for a client that you created.

Required environment variables for Tandem:


Asking for help

We highly recommend setting up a call with one of our Solutions Engineers to help you get started. We're happy to help!

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