Getting started

Next steps

Let's recap what you've done so far:

  1. Created a CipherStash account and logged in to the CipherStash CLI.
  2. Created a dataset that defines the data you wanted to encrypt.
  3. Created a client key and access key that is used to authenticate Tandem with the CipherStash API.
  4. Deployed the CipherStash Tandem proxy as a Docker container and routed your database traffic through it.
  5. Enabled encryption on the users table in your database and removed the plaintext data.
  6. Verified that your application is still working as expected!

This guide is intended to be a quick start to get you up and running with Tandem while getting a feel for how it works.

Next steps

Now that you have been through this getting started guide, consider how you could use this in a new or existing application. For more details have a look at the links below for more details.

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Step 4 - Encrypting data