The CipherStash Changelog

Shutting down CipherStash QX and ActiveStash

February 23, 2023


We have made the strategic decision to decommission CipherStash QX and ActiveStash. We are focusing all our efforts on our next-generation data protection solution: CipherStash Protect.

We have worked with affected QX customers over the last few weeks to safely migrate their data.

Despite the groundbreaking technology behind CipherStash QX, we learned it was too big an ask of teams to add a separate specialised database, and migrate data to it.

In contrast, CipherStash Protect works inside existing databases, bringing searchable encryption inside industry standard databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Decommissioning QX was not an easy decision, but we are confident that it is the right step for us to take as a company.

Our focus on CipherStash Protect will allow us to provide the most advanced and secure data protection solutions for organisations of all sizes and industries.