The CipherStash Changelog Public Release

December 9, 2021


Today we are making our ORE Encryption library,, open source and available to the public.

No code has perfect security. But code developed and maintained in the open is much more likely to be bug free.

The way we encrypt data so that it remains searchable is core to the CipherStash platform.

And at the heart is Order Revealing Encryption.

Security tools — particularly encryption libraries — should be open source, and developed transparently. Security tools should be scrutinized, poked, prodded, and put through the wringer by the dev and infosec community.

This is how we ensure you can trust the security of our products.


We welcome contributions or bug reports.

Particularly if you have a passion for cryptography or security!

License is available under the GPLv3 license.

CipherStash customers on paid plans (launching in 2022) will be able to use under a commercial license.


For more information: