The CipherStash Changelog

Announcing StashJS

July 27, 2021


StashJS is our new CipherStash client written in TypeScript.

It can be installed via NPM with a npm install @cipherstash/stashjs.

StashJS replaces our previous client (@cipherstash/client) which is now deprecated.


  • Type-driven schema definitions checked by the compiler (with excellent auto-completion!), which in turn produce a…
  • Type-driven query DSL
  • Generalised index types: Exact, Range, Match (for full text search)
  • Supports source documents defined in terms of all JavaScript primitive types

StashJS is evolving quickly! The API is still subject to change in backwards incompatible ways until we reach a General Availability milestone.

You can read more about how we've optimised for an excellent developer experience in StashJS on our blog.