Dan Draper

Dan Draper

October 7, 2021

Our free developer plans are almost here!

Building secure applications is about to get a whole lot easier.

CipherStash - Our free developer plans are almost here!

After almost a year in development, the first publicly available CipherStash plans are just around the corner. The CipherStash Dev Tier is a fully functional and free plan that allows you to start building applications and securing your Personal Identifying Information with CipherStash.

A plan for every developer

We believe that every developer should have access to the tools needed to build secure applications. So, the Dev Tier will be free to use for up to 100,000 records and have most of the same search and query capabilities of our paid Production plans launching next year.

Dev Tier will be free to use and have most of the same search and query capabilities as the Production Plans

For launch, Dev Tier will be:

  • Available in the AWS ap-southeast-2 region
  • Come with JavaScript and TypeScript client libraries
  • Be free for up to 100,000 records

CipherStash Production Tier will be launching in early 2022 and will extend upon the Dev Tier by adding robust backups, multi-region support, VPC Peering and the ability to use your own keys in Amazon's Key Management Service.


What happens if I go over 100,000 records?

Insertion of new records will fail once you hit the limit but we never delete any of your data.

Can I use Dev Tier in production?

There is nothing stopping you but Dev Tier won't have built-in backups and other features you'd probably want in production.

What should I use Dev Tier for?

We think Dev Tier will be useful for developers building applications that use CipherStash. Developers could each have their own Dev Tier collections. It could also be used for staging and demo environments or in continuous integration systems.

Tools we think you'll love

Who says security and usability have to be at odds? We can't wait to show you our shiny new command-line and web management tools that we think will make building, migrating and testing your CipherStash enabled application a breeze!

Excited? You can join the waitlist to be among the first to get access to Dev Tier!

Join the wait list

ICYMI, here's a little video we created to give you a taste:

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