Dan Draper

Dan Draper

April 13, 2021

Welcome David Wu

We are excited to announce that Dr David Wu, Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, has joined CipherStash as an official advisor

CipherStash - Welcome David Wu

Dr David Wu completed his PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University under the supervision of Professor Dan Boneh — one of the world's leading cryptography experts. Dr Wu has worked as a research assistant in the Stanford Applied Cryptography Group, as well as in research roles at Microsoft and Fujitsu labs. He comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both theoretical and applied cryptography. Most notably, he is the co-author (with Dr Kevin Lewi) of the seminal Block Order-Revealing Encryption paper (2016). Block ORE plays a key role in CipherStash's searchable encryption technology.

When Dan reached out to Dr Wu in 2020 to tell him about the CipherStash project, he was excited to get involved. We are thrilled to have Dr Wu on the advisory team — welcome, David!

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